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How oil prices affect the American stock market?

  Who Loses from Oil Prices Fluctuations? There are winners and losers in change in the price of oil. Oil prices are the building blocks of the global economy and is of overwhelming importance in the functioning of the globalized world. So, change in oil prices have a serious impact on the stock market of United States. Low prices of …

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Top 5 stock trading mistakes committed by the beginners

  Looking for too much profit Mostly new investors don’t have basic understating about the stock market dynamics,so they always in search of too much profit in too less time.So mostly stock experts advice them to trade on daily basis.They should buy and sell stocks on daily basis.This strategy will earn them less profit but it will bring profit on consistent …

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Top 5 ways Federal Reserve can influence the American Stock Market

Federal Reserve or simply the Fed is a central bank of America. The main task of fed is to regulate the monetary policy across the country and to sustain the value of dollar up to the certain extent of time. It prohibits the external forces to affect the local economy by keeping an eye on financial and economic system of …

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