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Shahid Khan-Personality of The week

Shahid khanShahid Khan was born in July 18 1952 in the city of Lahore in Pakistan. He was born in the middle class family. His family was involved in the construction business. His mother was the professor of Mathematics and she is retired now. At the age of 16 he moved to United States in the year 1968. His first job in America was washing dishes and it was for $1.2 an hour. He then graduated from the UIUC College of Engineering. He took a degree of BSC in Engineering in the year 1971. In 1991 he acquired the US citizenship.

Khan started working with an automotive manufacturing company named Flex N Gate while he was studying in the University. When he graduated from the engineering University he was hired as the director engineering in the same company at the year 1978. He started doing the Bumper work which includes making the bumpers for the pickups, trucks and body shop repairs. Khan grew the company and it started supplying the bumpers to three automotive companies.

In the year 1984 he started supplying the bumpers of pickups to Toyota Company. He was the sole supplier to the Toyota in 1987 and in the year 1989 he was the sole supplier to entire Toyota Company in the whole United States. The sale of company grew from $17 million to $2 billion in 2012. By 2011 the company had around 12450 employees and 48 manufacturing plants in the United States and in various different countries and the revenue took around $3 billion.

Khan had received several awards in his life. Some awards were from his Illinois University. From the department of Mechanical Science and Industrial Engineering he received the award for Distinguished Alumnus in 2006 from the college of Engineering. He also got the Distinguished Service award from the University of Illinois Alumni Association in the year 2005.

Today Khan is considered one of the richest in the whole world and it is because of his hard-working and efforts. He is running several businesses today and has a great reputation in the market. He is also working to start up new businesses and working on new projects in different fields and he will work hard in his upcoming projects as well.

In the list of 400 Forbes richest Americans Shahid is ranked at the 122nd number and is counted in the list of 490 richest American people in the whole world. In the Pakistan origin Shahid is also known as the richest person. By considering Mr Khan the face of American dream, he was featured at the Forbes magazine in the year 2012.

He is a Pakistani born an American billionaire businessman Shahid Khan. He is the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League (NFL), the English Football League Championship team Fulham F.C., and automobile parts manufacturer Flex-N-Gate in Urbana, Illinois. According to the research the net worth of Shahid khan in the year 2013 is around $3.8 billion.



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