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Sadruddin Hashwani-Personality of the week

hashwaniSadruddin Hashwani was born in 2 July 1940. He basically belong to a illustrious industrialist family who lives in Karachi. He started his business career with his brother as a trader. They launched a company name Hassan Ali Company. They were known as the Cotton King of Pakistan in the year 1970. On the other hand they were also the top exporters in Pakistan of Rice and other commodities. Mr Hashwani started using his resources towards other business ventures specially the Hotel Industry.

In 1973 he started working on the construction of Holiday Inn in Islamabad which is now known as Marriott Hotel. The hotel was opened in 1978 under the umbrella of Hashmai Hotels Limited. In the year 1981 the same Holiday Inn hotel was constructed in Karachi which is now named as Marriott hotel. In 1985 Mr Hashmani’s shares were on the top among others of Pakistan Service Limited. He launched 4 Inter Continental Hotel which is now known as the Pearl continental hotel. This hotel was the largest hotel in the chain of top 5 star hotels in Pakistan.

He is the Co founder and Chairman of Hashoo Group of Companies.He started Hashoo company in 1960. And was the Chairman of it. This company is engaged in the different fields including hospitality, oil and gas, information technology, commodity trading, pharmaceuticals, minerals, real estate, tour and travels, ceramics, and investments in Pakistan and internationally. This company is known as the most successful and also one of the most top companies in Pakistan.

He is Chairman and Chief Exective of Zaver Petroleum Corporation Ltd. He serves as the Chairman and President of Ocean Pakistan Limited (formerly Orient Petroleum International Inc.) and Pakistan Services Ltd. He has been a Director of Jubilee General Insurance Company Limited (formerly, New Jubilee Insurance Co. Ltd.) since November 17, 1979. He is also an owner of Pearl Continental hotel and Marriott Hotel.

He is one of the famous man who has done a lot of work in the hospitality and included in one of the highlighted persons. He is also honored with a global award for providing his services for hospitality. He is also honored with such different awards in the field of successful Businessman. In 5 different organizations he is connected to 5 different companies as board members in 5 different industries are mentioned as under.

  • Chairman, Member of Audit Committee and Member of Human Resource & Remuneration Committee

Pakistan Services Ltd.

  • Chairman and President

Ocean Pakistan Limited

  • Founder and Chairman

Hashoo Group of Companies

  • Chairman and Chief Executive

Zaver Petroleum Corporation Ltd.

  • 1979-PresentNon Executive Director

Jubilee General Insurance Company Limited

In 2013 Mr Hashwani announced that he will invest a huge amount in the sector of Oil and Gas and also planning to construct three new five star hotels in the country which will surely bring betterment to the country in terms of promotion and economy’s value will also be increased. He further added that I am also planning to do such investments in different sectors which will surely be good for Pakistan.



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