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Ray Dalio-Personality of the week

Ray DalioRay Dalio is an  american stock broker and founder of the world’s biggest hedge fund called “Brigdewater Associates”.According to the latest rankings he is 30th  richest american. He has total net worth of $ 15.2 Billion,which makes him 69th richest  person in the world.Ray Dalio was  fond of investing right from his childhood,as he made his first investment in shares of Northeast Airlines just at the age of 12.He made around 900$ from his investment in the shares of Northeast Airlines.

Life and achievements

Ray Dalio was the sold child of his parents of Italian descent.His parents migrated from Italy and later settled in the United States of America.Ray Dalio completed his education in the city of New York. He got his BA degree from Long Island university and done his MBA from Harvard business school.

Ray Dalio started his professional career from New York Stock exchange.He started his serious investing through buying commodity futures at the New York stock exchange.After working in NYSE,he joined Dominick & Dominick and due to his hard work excelled in the company.After reaching the post of director,he resigned from his post in 1974.Later in that year he joined Shearson Hayden Stone as futures trader and broker.After getting considerable experience from his professional careers,he founded his own investment firm named “Brigdewater Associates” in the year 1975.

Bridge water Associates

Ray Dalio laid the foundation of the “Bridgewater Associates” in the year 1975 at his apartment in Manhattan.In the start his company was mostly focused on providing consultancy to the small corporate and currency related international clients .After some years it shifted its focus towards providing serious financial consultancy to large organizations and firms.It started publishing its own research report by the name of Daily observations in the early 80’s.It helped the company in getting its initial  corporate clients such as McDonalds corporation.This report is extremely popular among managers of pension funds and central bank executives.

“Bridgewater Associates ” launched it hedge fund in the 90’s and currently it has the biggest hedge fund in the world with assets of more than $122 Billion.Its client belong to private as well government sector.The names of popular products of “Brigdewater Associates” are Pure Alpha,All weather,pure alpha major markets and daily observations.Ray Dalio and his company introduced many innovative techniques in the market.The risk parity and separation of alpha/beta are his one of the most important innovations for the investment world.

Awards and Recognition

In the year 2012 “Time magazine” included him in the list of world’s most influential personalities.Ray dalio is also popularly known for his famous video named”How the economic machine works”.In that video he explained important concepts related to the working of an economy .

In the year 2011 Ray Dalio was declared as “Steve Jobs of investing” by the aiCIO magazine. He received three lifetime achievement awards during his professional career.Other than that he has also received manager of the year award more than 20 times.

Ray Dalio is also an author of famous lectures named “Principles”.These lectures are about the creative and unique ways of running a company.These lectures are available on the internet and they have been downloaded more than two million times.

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