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Personality of the Week-Pete Cashmore

Pete-Cashmore-mashablePete Cashmore,the CEO of Mashable was born on September 18, 1985. Mashable is  a complete source for getting latest updates about the upcoming and current technology events.He started Mashable just at the age of 19 in the year 2005.  He always had a passion for sharing the tools , the information of social networking and web tools that transformed the lives of humans and their culture.

He regularly writes a column related to social media and technology to give awareness and information related to technology and its latest advancements  He specially writes in CNN to provide unique and helpful information to his readers.

Pete  transformed  Mashable  from just a technology blog to a huge global media company.  Today in the world of technology and advancement ,people  really need his informative columns and articles  based on technology.His blog is  basically the voice of new generation.In the year 2012,The Times magazine included him in list of the  most influential people of the year.He was also featured in the list of Forbes 30 in the year 2009.Pete Cashmore  made different and helpful changes in the Mashable, those were very helpful for his regular and new clients. In the year 2009, Pete Cashmore was also honored by INQ, as most influential Briton and most influential twitter user of 2009.

Mashable is a platform through which one can easily get the   latest news related to the technology. Pete knows the importance of the social media,so he introduced many social media plugins in his blog,through which his readers can easily  share spicy and important technology related news on the social media,which helps him to increase its traffic.

By transforming Mashable  into a global media company,he has proved to the whole world that internet is a amazing way of earning millions.If you know the right-way to follow your passion and dreams,with sincere hard work and patience.

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