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Personality of the Week-Mukesh Ambani

mukesh_ambani-300x163Mukesh Ambani was born on 19 April,1957 in Yemen. He was the oldest child of Dhirubhai Ambani and Kokilaben Ambani. The company named Reliance Industries was established by his father and he is running this company. Reliance Industries firstly started exporting the spices to Yemen. After that they moved towards starting new business of yarn. They lived in an apartment of two beds at that time. When their financial condition improved they moved to the posh area of Mumbai in 1960. After that he opened the industry of polyester/filament/yarn PFY and got the license of  private company.

He done his BE in Engineering from the University of Mumbai, after that he completed his MBA. Ambani’s father got awarded for the best industrialist for PFY. Then his father told him to open a new polyester plant in Mumbai. During 1980, Ambani used to work in his father’s company named yarn manufacturing division in a village of India. From there he learned leadership techniques to become a good leader and he solved employee’s related issues as well.

Later on the Reliance moved towards other industries such as petrochemicals, petroleum refining, telecommunications, entertainment, asset management and oil and gas exploration. After that Reliance progressed and became one of the most famous trading company in India.

Today reliance has built the world’s largest oil refinery in India. The oil and energy sector gave Ambani more financial gains than any other sector. The company had opened around 700 food stores where food item are sold in India.

In the next five years Mukesh want to see reliance on the top and earn around $40 billion in revenue per year and employees around 15 to 30 million from different cities of India. The grocery stores of India made the life of farmers very easy and productive by providing different fertilizers and things related to farming.

Mukesh Ambani’s Achievements

Mukesh Ambani is now known as the biggest name in India. The company Reliance made him well known and famous. His achievements are uncountable ,as his company Reliance is now included in the Fortune 500 companies and is the second most valued company of India. He has established different plants and manufacturing companies in India by the name of Reliance. His some of the famous companies are related to petrochemicals, petroleum refining, telecommunications, entertainment, asset management and oil and gas exploration. He has also opened different grocery stores in  India and which have earned him huge revenues as well.




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