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Personality of the week-John Paulson

John PaulsonJohn Alfred Paulson is one of the most successful stock brokers and one of the richest people of America.In the year 1994,he founded Pauslon & Co and currently he is successfully running the organization. Paulson & Co is a very successful investment management firm based in United States of America.


John Paulson is one of the wealthiest  people on the globe. According to the Forbes magazine his net worth is about $13.5 Billion and he is at 35 number on the list of richest people of the world.He married to Jenny Zaharia in the year 2000 and living a happy marital life with her.


John Paulson was born in  New York and also got his early education  there.After completing his high school education ,he joined  New York university in 1973 to learn creative writing and film production.He polished his film production and creative writing skills in that university. After completing his creative writing and film production education,he moved to Ecuador to live with his uncle.Then he came back to United States and joined  Harvard university to learn finance and business subjects.During his study years,his awesome business and mathematical skills were often noticed by his fellow classmates.He completed his MBA in finance in the year 1980 on the Sidney Weinberg/Goldman Sachs scholarship.

Business career and Achievements

John Paulson started his business career in mid 70’s,when he founded his first company in Quito.This company specialized in selling cheap clothes.It used to export cheap clothes to America,where his father used to sell these clothes to american people.It was a very successful business venture and his father started his own  wood flooring company with the finance of that company.

After completing his MBA in 1980 ,he decided to join  Boston consulting group .Here he worked as the financial adviser and research consultant.After working for few years,he joined company  named Odyssey partners .Then he joined Bear Stearns as financial consultant in the mergers and acquisitions department.He learned a lot about business from Bear stearns. After leaving the Bear stearns he joined Gruss partners LP and excelled there by using his amazing financial skills.He was made partner in the company after working for some years.

After leaving the Gruss partners LP he started his own investment management firm named Paulson & Co in 1994.It is one of the most successful investment management firms in the country.It mostly deals in hedge funds,but other than that it also manages investments in the real estate and private equity funds.Currently it is employing about 125 employees and managing more than $ 22.8 Billion fund.

John Paulson is also a very active political contributor and activist.According to the latest figures he ha denoted more than $140000 to different political parties till last year.Last year his name with his picture were appeared on an episode of the  Colbert report.

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