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Micheal Dell-Personality of the week

Michael-Dell-Profile-PicMichael Saul Dell was born in 23 February in the year 1965 in Huston Texas in a Jewish family. He was the son of Lorraine Charlotte and he was a stockbroker. He got his early education from Herod Elementary School  in Huston Texas. When he was a teenage boy he invested his earned income from his part time job into stocks and precious metals. When he turned at the age of 15, after playing on computers at at Radio Shack, he purchased his first computer and Apple II. He attended the Memorial High School in Huston.

He started selling subscriptions to the Huston post in the summer season. Then he started getting experience different professionals and he earned $18000 that year. At the University of Texas at Austin, he started a small business of putting the kits together of personal computers and selling them. He after that figured out that the complete PC has an advantage of selling not these indirect channels. He named his company PC Limited in the year 1984. He started selling upgrades PC’S, adds-on components and kits.

He incorporated his company as Dell Computer Corporation. The company was based on few employees who took the orders from clients and some employees were to fulfill those orders. In the year 1992 his company was ranked at the list of top 500 corporations. He was the youngest CEO at that time in America. Dell started selling the computers on the website in the year 1996. His company also launched the first server the same year. From Dell.com the sales were around $1 billion per day and that was the highest amount recorded on sales from the web.

The Dell.Inc reached to the world’s largest share of market of about 12.8 percent and has become the world’s largest computer market in the world. The overall shipments of the company is recorded at 34.4 percent worldwide and 30.7 percent in the United States. He is a very well known Business magnate, investor, philanthropist, and also an author in America. He is also known as the founder as well as the CEO of Dell Inc, they are one of the most largest and leading sellers of personal computers. According to the research in 2012, he was ranked in the 41st number in the list of the most richest people in the world. He was having a net worth of US$15.9 billion.

The main thing which has made him the most successful man is that he was sincere with his work and mission. He took stand to get achievement for his goals and targets. He sold things as well but he never said it is a small work and now he is one of the most richest person in the whole world. That was his motivation and effort to do what he wanted to. He is an example for everyone  He is a motivation for people to achieve your targets and goals and get accomplish. So always look other people and their efforts and hard workings behind their success

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