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MetaStock Technical Analysis Software

MetastockMetaStock is a very popular and effective technical analysis software.This software was designed and created by Steve Achelis in the mid 80’s. It was designed to help investors to analyze the market through observing the momentum and monetary indicators.The initial version of  MetaStock was released by the Computer asset management in the year 1986.The initial version of MetaStock  was developed after passing through different stages.The initial version of the software was named ‘The Technician”.



In 1982 Steve Achelis started a company named Computer Asset Management to develop financial and technical analysis software for personal computers. Computer Asset Management company was renamed Equis International in 1989. The first financial software created by the company was based on the Apple II. This software was very good at performing financial planning metrics based calculations.

In the year 1984,same company released advanced version of the financial software and named it “The Technician”.This software was specially designed for the IBM PC.It was created to aid investors to analyze the stock market by keeping an eye on monetary indicators of the market. The more advanced version of this software was launched in the year 1986.The company named this software MetaStock 1.0.

The initial software version The Technician had limited features as it only analyzed broad market conditions.The company created the Meta Stock software to carryout the  real time analysis of stock prices.Meta Stock RT was released in the year 1992.Initially Meta Stock used data ,real time quotes and statistics from Signal data feed of Data Broadcasting. MetaStock 5.0 was especially created for Windows 3.1 users.In the year 1986,PC magazine gave “MetaStock” and “The Technician”  Editor’s Choice award.

Powerful Tools Offered by MetaStock

Following are the most important tools of the MetaStock software.

MetaStock Forecaster

The MetaStock uses 67 selection of events to plot”probability cloud”.This probability cloud uses advanced mathematical models to analyse the price action.These events help investors to determine expected future events.

Meta Stock explorer

Meta stock explorer is a very effective and useful tool to search for most appropriate investment options.It is very effective tool to select most profitable stocks,currencies,options and futures available in the market. This tool is  a effective tool to improve the trading activity of the investors.It helps investors to sort all the investment possibilities in most effective way.

MetaStock Expert Advisor

The MetaStock Expert Advisor is a very useful tool for the investors.It provides very important and actionable advise of the industry experts and professionals.It also provides information about the popular charting styles and systems. The commentary screen of this tool offers information about the charting security in a very detailed way. The user can easily create his/her own charting system to analyse the market.This charting system can be easily created by learning MetaStock formula language.

Enhanced System Tester

The enhanced system tester helps investors to compare and create investing strategies.It is a very good tool to manage the risk inherent in the investments.It also provides information about the amount of risk contained in the investment option. It also helps users to compare different investment options in most detailed way.

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