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Matte Barrie-Personality of the week

matt-barrieMatte Barrie is an Australian born entrepreneur ,who is the owner of   hugely popular website Freelancer ( www. freelancer.com). Right from his childhood ,he was very talented and skillful person,as he acquired his first website named (www.packetstorm.com) just at the age of 25.Then in 1994,he and his team won the Australian National Universities Programming Championship.

Matte Barrie did his graduation in 1996 with subjects of computer science from university of Sydney. After doing graduation,he applied for the Stanford university and admitted in 1997.He passed  his electrical engineering degree in late 1990’s from same  university.

Freelancer.com and road to his mainstream success

Matte Barrie started his most successful outsourcing website Freelancer in the year 2009.It was a immediate success among the online professionals. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact  that,till the end of year 2013 it has more than seven million registered users ,who have completed four million projects .

Freelancer is one of the most valued IT companies with the value of more than US $ 250 million.It achieved numerous awards such as 15th Annual Webby Awards and the People’s Voice for Employment in the 16th Annual Webby Awards. Matte Barrie represented his country and his company at numerous conference such as The Next Web and Summit series etc.

In the year 2013  Barrie achieved another milestone by listing  Freelancer Limited (ASX:FLN) on the Australian stock Exchange.He floated its IPO on the exchange and it was third biggest  opening in the whole Australian stock exchange history.

In  the end we can conclude that Mattie Barrie and Freelancer have given new dimension to the online and freelancing work aall over the world. After the success of the freelancer and many other websites similar to it ,  people are taking freelancing work very serious,as compared to the past.

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