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Malik Riaz-Personality of the Week

Malik_Riaz_220Malik Riaz is a very famous person and  Pakistani business magnate, philanthropist and a real estate investor. He was born in 8 February 1954. He was born in a wealthy family but when he was born his father’s business got collapsed and their financial condition was very bad. That’s why his financial condition forced him to work hard and he started working as a clerk at Military Engineering Service (MES) when he was19 years old. He started working as a contractor in 1980.

After that he started climbing the stairs of success. He became one of the leading business magnets of Pakistan. The largest private project of Pakistan the Bahria Town give him a great success. The Bahria Town is spread in an area of 45000 square acres.

He is the founder and the owner of Bahria town. He is the most wealthiest persons in Pakistan. As he is an investor he is having an assets of around $2 to $10 billion. He has made a lot of contributions in the philanthropy. He is a very active politician and also a very active member of PML-N. It was said by the election commission that most of the votes which were put in for Malik Riaz were fake. Around 40,000 votes were not verified due to the poor quality of ink and some of the prints were dismissed.

The president of Pakistan Muslim League Senator Ch Shujat Hussain has said that the government of Punjab is daily spending Rs 3 curors in the advertisement against the character and personal enmity of Malik Riaz. He further said that this money instead of using for the advertisements must be used for the welfare and for important projects like like construction of culverts and streets and roads, provision of healthcare, education and other important schemes.

Former Chairman of Bahria Town Malik Riaz is very famous in Pakistan and specially in doing welfare work all around Pakistan. He is currently providing the advanced equipment for hospitals in Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. He is also working ono providing free treatment for free dialysis, kidney transplants, hepatitis and other major and serious diseases. He provides 2 time meals to around 1 Lakh people every day.  If anyone is really poor and need some other arrangements like shelter etc so will provide them as well. You can go and visit Bahira Dastarkhoan in front of the PIMS hospital Islamabad. He has contributed to provide the meals and shelter to the flood and earthquake victims. It has also elleged on Malik Riaz that he had grabbed an area of Dadhocha Dam and he had also resold it couple of times and using different names all the times.

Malik Riaz also tried very hard to get succeed in the Charter of Democracy agreement which was signed and agreed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan & PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto former assassinated Prime Minister of Pakistan in London. For moving forward for the charter of democracy he then arranged the meeting of asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif at Muree.



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