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Lloyd Blankfein- Personality of the week

Lloyd BlankfeinLloyd Blankfein is one of the most successful American business executives.He is  serving  Goldman Sachs an investment banking company as its CEO since 2006.He replaced Henry Paulson in 2006 as new CEO of the company.He is one of the highest paid executives of the America .



Early Life and education

Lloyd Blankfein was born in the New york city in  1954.He spent his childhood and most of his teenage life in the New york city.He belonged to a humble background as his father was a clerk in US postal service and his mother was a receptionist.He completed his high school and secondary education in schools of New york city department.After completing his high school education,he joined Harvard university and completed his Bachelor of arts degree in the year 1975.After completing his BA he received degree of jurist doctor from Harvard law school in 1978.

Professional career

Lloyd Blankfein belonged to a humble background so he tried his luck in many part time jobs before completing his formal education.He worked at  Yankee stadium as  a concession vendor when he was a kid as he needed money to meet his expenses.He started his professional career after receiving his JD degree from Harvard law school in 1978.He joined many law firms before finally joining Goldman Sachs .He worked in popular law firms such as Proskauer Rose and Donovan, Leisure, Newton & Irvine.He was  not  satisfied with his legal profession so he finally joined Goldman Sachs in 1981 . He mostly worked as corporate lawyer in these law firms

Lloyd Blankfein joined Goldman Saachs london as precious metals salesman and continued working on this position till 1994.He headed the currency and commodity division of the same company for next three years.He served as vice chairman of of the goldman Sachs from the 2002 to 2004.Lloyd Blankfein was made CEO and chief executive of the Goldman Sachs in 2006 and he is still serving at  this position.

Achievements and Awards

Lloyd Blankfein is one of the highest paid executives in the world. According to the latest figures his compensation in 2014 was $ 24 million.His salary includes basic salary,different types of bonuses, stocks and options.Lloyd Blankfein played an important role in transforming Goldman Sachs into one of the most successful investment banks in the world.It was because of his leadership skills that in the year 2906 Goldman Sachs earned record profit of more than $ 9 Billion.

Lloyd Blankfein always been a big supporter of charity.Currently he is serving as the chairman of  Rockefeller family’s Asia Society of USA.Other than that he is also a board member of an American charity organization Robin Hood Foundation.

Lloyd Blankfein takes special interest in the politics of United States of America.He is  a staunch supporter of the democratic party and often contributes in its political campaigns .He donated about $ 4600 million to the political campaign of Hillary Clinton in 2007.His company contributed one million dollars to the political campaign of Barrack Obama in 2008.

In the year 2009 he was named as ” Person of the year ‘ by the Financial Times.He was ranked # 43 in the list of “Forbes World’s most powerful people” in the year 2011.


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