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Top 5 reasons linkshare is better than Amazon

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When it comes to affiliate marketing, one has to be careful about choosing affliate website or business. In this connection, we come across certain websites like linkshare and Amazon. Choosing between who is better might be difficult, as both websites have a good reputation, but when it comes specifically to affiliate marketing, linkshare has much better packages to offer.

Following are the top 5 reasons linkshare is better Affiliate marketing website than Amazon:

1.       Commission Rates

The first and the main purpose of affiliate blogging is to earn so the key focus of anyone is on the website which pays out more commission.

Amazon: When it comes to commission rates of Amazon, they start from 4 percent minimum and the rates reach up to 15 percent for some specific products.

Linkshare: This website has a lot of opportunities for affiliate marketing from variety of companies and businesses. The commission rates of the websites are better than Amazon, reaching to 20 percent.

2.    Legal Issues

When it comes to legitimacy, you have to very careful about the programs.

Amazon: It has to be noted that now in several states, Amazon’s program is not legal.

Linkshare: Specifically made for marketing purposes, you can use the website legally.

3.  Reports and updates

Getting reports helps you track your performance.

Amazon: As compared to linkshare, Amazon is a little behind in providing information.

Linkshare: Provides up-to-date reports and in time information and news feeds. The generated data fully complies with publishers need. It may not provide many options for reporting, but will generate information you need.

4. Search options

The better are the options to explore products, the better will become affiliate marketing.

Amazon: having a large selection of search options, Amazon is user friendly in its nature.

Linkshare: The LinkShare website as compared to the former is better and surpasses Amazon by 0.5 percent. Publishers are able to carry out searches (simple and advanced) for products, categories or advertisers.
  5. Ease and Income

Online marketing demands to be a tough job at first, but as soon as you develop a network of potential customers, affiliate marketing is no more an issue. You just have to make people trust you, and provide them what they need from the company you are an affiliate for. This is actually a relation of mutual benefit, but it’s harder to make people believe in you.
Amazon: The website provide much ease for affiliate marketing as it has a broad range of products to offer and you can promote the one you have good knowledge about, but the income generated per sale is less as comparatively.

Linkshare: Linkshare focuses on smaller merchants and advertiser service too, while offering products and gives higher income percentages as compared to Amazon.

Other than high pays in comparison to Amazon, LinkShare with over 2500 affiliate marketing programs has managed to be on top of affiliate marketing  in the year 2013 and is constantly striving  to introduce new features for affiliate’s relieve. These comparisons leads to the declaration that linkshare is better affiliate marketing website than Amazon.


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