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Larry page-Personality of the week

larryLarry Page is a Computer Scientist and an Internet entrepreneur. He is the Co founder of and CEO of Google. As the chief executive officer he is responsible for Google’s day to day operations. He is also leading the technology strategies of the company. The development of company’s product is also included in his duties.

In 1998 while doing PhD.D from Stanford University he co founded the Google with Sergey Brin. Until 2001 he was the first CEO. He really worked hard for the success of his company and also grown up the company to more than 200 employees. He was the president of all the company’s product from 2001 till 2011.

Larry page was born in East Lancing Michigan. His father Carl Page had done PhD in Computer science. He  took a bachelors degree in Engineering from the University of Michigan, and done Masters degree from Stanford University. While studying in Michigan University Page invented an inkjet printer made by Lego bricks. He is also a member of National Advisory Committee in the University of Michigan college of Engineering. In 2004 he was also honored with the prize of Marconi. s

When Page was a child he loved to collect computers and different Science magazines. He spend his day reading these magazines. When he was six years old he got attracted to computers. He was the first child in his school who turned an assignment from a word processor. He realized from his childhood that he got a lot of interest in inventing things. So he started taking interest into stuff related to technology and business side.

After completing his PhD in Computer science Page started searching for  the dissertation theme. He was planning to explore the mathematical properties of the world wide web. He started considering and started searching for the main page in which the back links can be provided where the desired information will be available.

Brin and Page met in 1995 during an orientation of his PhD. Brin was already in the PhD program was responsible to show the premises to new students and that is how Page and Brin later became friends. In August 1996 the initial version of Google was invented.

In the year 1998 Brin and Page found Google Inc. On April 4, 2011 Page officially became the Chief Executive Officer of Google. Schmict became the chairman of the company. Larry Page also participates in the board meetings of the company and he is also one of the board of directors.

He is also an investor in Tesla Motors. In the renewable energy technology he has also invested. Google got an award of Technical Excellence Award for the Innovation in Web Application Development in 1999. In 2001 Google also got a Webby Award, an award for people’s voice for the technical achievement.  In 2001 Google also got the award for providing best search engine service. Larry Page has given people a huge platform of information. Today Google is on the top in the world.


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