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Lakhshmi Mittal-Personality of the week

mr-lakshmi-mittalLakshmi Narayan Mittal is the chairman and CEO of the Arcelormittal, which is the largest steel making company of the world. He was born in 3 September 1950 in sedulpur, Rajasthan India. In the year 1969 ,he moved with his family to Kolkata and his father stared a steel mill in kolkata. Mittal started working his father’s steel mill , when he was studying and after completing his bachelor degree in the year 1970, he joined the mill as an internee. He completed his early education from the St. Xavier College. In the year 1976 he opened his own steel mill after getting a long term experience. He owns the 38% in the Arcelormittal and 34% stake in the queens park rangers F.C football team.


After starting his separate mill, he spent lot of time in running it properly and efficiently. In 1989 he purchased the beleaguered state owned steel n Trinidad and Tobago work which was running in loss, but  after Joining  Mittal the facility doubled its output and became profitable again.

Mittal is a talented man who made special formulas for himself and spent his whole life following these formulas. . In the year 2007 he was the richest man in the Asian continent. In the year ,2002 he was the eight richest men in the Britain. In the years 2011 he was ranked as the 6th richest man of the world by Forbes. In the year 2012, he faced a lot of drop in his profit almost $1.4 billion and dropped to the 29st richest man of the world. In the year 2013 Mittal was the owner of the US$ 16 billion. In the list of 70 “most powerful people of the world” Mittal is at the 47Th number.

The wedding of his daughter was the second most expensive recorded wedding in the history of the world. He was also the member of the Goldman Sachs, board of directors since the year 2008. He is also a member of the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company. He is also a member of the Indian prime minister advisory committee. He is also amber of the world steel association executives. In the year 2008 he made a donation of $15 million to the Great Ormond street hospital in London. He was also a good player of football and he in the summer Olympics of 2002 he win one medal, Bronze and one silver medal in 2004 Olympics. Then he decided to start an Indian championship named as the Mittal championship with the expenditure of 9 million dollars to support the ten best athletes of the India. He successfully employed the Marek Dochenell consultancy to influence the British polish officials with the privatization of the PHS steel group. He was criticized at this activity by the British and other followers and organizations.


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