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Karachi stock exchange -100 index rose by 427 points

Stock market saw a positive week as Karachi stock exchange-100 index climbed 427 points during the week. The market was mainly influenced by strong corporate earning results and investment in the banking companies.Domestic and foreign investors showed considerable interest in final three days of the trading week.Foreign portfolio investment showed a considerable increase as compared to the last week.Foreign investors bought net equity of 1.9 million during the week.

Karachi stock exchange -100 index started the week at 39499 points and ended the week at 39926 points. The share trading volume showed a 0.6 % increases as compared to the last week.The share trading volume of current week was 1219 million shares as compared to the last week’s trading volume of  1150 million shares.

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Source : Express tribune

The stock market started the week at a negative note as Karachi stock exchange-100 index fell by 98 points in first two trading days. Political instability , rising security issues and profit taking by the investors in Karachi were three main reasons for the negativity in stock market.The market activity improved in last three trading days as Karachi stock exchange 100 index rose by 525 points in these days.This was mainly due to improved corporate results and increased interest of the foreign investors in the domestic stock market.

Following are the top 5 gainer and loser companies of the week.

Top 5 gainers of the week

Top 5 losers of the week

Source : KHI stocks

Best and Worst performing sectors

Banking and cement sectors were best performers at the stock market. Almost all the heavyweight shares of these two sectors performed well in these two sectors. HBL,NBP and MCB were three best performing shares of banking sector. HBL,NBP and MCB offered returns of 2.35 %,5.12%  and 2.51 % to their shareholders during the week.These three heavyweight shares added 140 points to the Karachi stock exchange-100 index.

Bestway cement,Cherat cement and Lucky cement were three best performing shares of cement sector. Bestway cement,Cherat cement and Lucky cement offered returns of 2.35 %,5.12%  and 2.51 % to their shareholders during the week.

Future Outlook

Market analysts are expecting a positive market activity at the stock market in upcoming week.The market activity will be mostly influenced by international oil prices,corporate results and domestic political situation.International oil market was very volatile in current week and kept the index in check.

Political situation is still very volatile in the country.Opposition parties are ready to start a very strong movement against the PML-N government.They are increasing pressure to push government towards investigating the panama leaks matters related to PM.But on the other side government is still not ready to investigate the matter and this government attitude is really creating political instability in the country.Government must take initiative and solve this matter as soon as possible.

Cement sector is the most suitable investment option for the investors in the next week.It has the potential to  bring huge returns for both long term and short term investors.


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