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Karachi stock exchange-100 index gained 473 points

Pakistan stock market saw a positive week as Karachi stock exchange-100 index gained 473 points during the last week.The market gained some momentum on the back of positive news coming from the political and economic fronts. Cement sector investors were the greatest beneficiary of the hike in the  Karachi stock exchange -100-index.The index started the week at the 43449 points and ended the week at  43740 points.

The foreign investors are really worried about the economic situation of the country as economic woes of the country are increasing. Foreign investors were involved in selling at the Pakistan stock market. Foreign investors sold net equities of $ 11.38 million during the week.

Future Outlook

The analysts at Money and Matters are expecting positive sentiments at the Pakistan stock market in upcoming days.The successful conclusion of the Senate elections will certainly low down the political temperature in upcoming days.The upcoming company results and political uncertainty will continue affecting the investor’s behavior at the Pakistan stock market.

The tussle between the supreme court and PML-N is growing day by day.This decision increased the tussle between the Sharif family and the Supreme court of Pakistan.This tussle can really increase the political uncertainty in the country.The legal cases of the Sharif family have entered into its last phase and results of these cases can badly affect the political future of the family.  The  National accountability bureau Punjab is also getting active.The NAB is tightening the noose around the Lahore based bureaucracy and that is also creating political uncertainty in the country. It is expected that political uncertainty will keep affecting the stock market till the elections 2018.

The current international oil market mainly influenced by the  US oil supply in the region. The current oil consumption is expected to grow by  1.4 or 1.6 million barrels of oil a day annually as anticipated by the International Energy Agency and OPEC.The increase in demand can put pressure on the international oil prices in upcoming months.

 Swing traders and day traders can easily book profits by investing in oil-based stocks. Market analysts are not expecting any big rally till the election 2018. This is the ideal time for short-run investors to book some profits by using swing trading strategies in the Pakistan stock market.Steel and Cement companies are investing big in their expansion plans.Steel companies like Mughal steel are investing billions in expansion plans to meet the growing demand of the CPEC projects.The investors can build strong investment portfolios through investing in blue-chip stocks of cement and steel sectors.

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