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Karachi stock exchange-100 index fell by 591 points

Pakistan stock market saw a negative week as Karachi stock exchange-100 index fell by 591 points during the last week.The political uncertainty and economic worries were two important factors affecting the investing behaviors of stock market traders at the Pakistan stock market.The Karachi stock exchange -100-index started the week at the 41435 points and ended the week at  40,844.40 points.The weekly trading volume showed an increase of 7 % during the week.

The foreign investors showed ample interest in the week. Foreign investors bought net equities of $ 1.13   million during the week.

Future Outlook

The market analysts at Money and Matters are expecting a range bound performance of the Pakistan stock market in upcoming days.The ongoing corruption cases against PML-N leaders is making life difficult for the ruling elite and they are feeling diifculty in managing the day to day affaris of the government .The Ishaq dar has refused to resign and that is really hurting the country’s international reputation.This is an ideal time for the value investors to make an entry in the stock market. Since, little bit of uncertainity is good for the value inevsting as at this time they can find value stocks at cheap prices.

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