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InstaForex’s Forex Copy system and online Forex trading (Part 2)


5.FOREXCOPY SYSTEM / Trades Copying:

InstaForex has granted its users with the opportunity of making more and more revenue. It has made this possible with its ForexCopy system, which gets the investors the chance to choose and copy trades of any successful trader from monitoring list and earn high chances of getting profit on every deal. Following are some advantages of getting registered with ForexCopy system of InstaForex:

  • This approach allows the investors to use both customary trading instruments and currency option. By selecting the nominal value of option a follower can copy deals from the account of a trader.
  • The user of ForexCopy system can copy trades of other trades and also he can let other traders follow copy his trades. So it is a win win situation for all who are registered with ForexCopy system.
  • If a trader allows his followers to copy his trades free of cost than InstaForex will be paying the commission to the trader.
  • The system can be adjusted to copy as many trades as one wants.


6.FOREXCOPY SYSTEM / Monitoring:

This monitoring system is the soul of the ForexCopy system of instaForex. It permits the followers and traders to apply various set approaches for staying up to date about the schema of the traders they are copying trades from. With categorization and exploration it permits the stress-free access to the account statistics of other traders saved in the ForexCopy system. This search helps in making customization decision as it helps every investor to apply his parameters for best outcomes. You can save your search results and improve your chances of getting better results in trading by adding the most potent trades as favorite and then utilizing it.

The monitoring page of ForexCopy system will keep record of the statistics and strategies deployed during any trading process by the trader whose trades you are following.  Adding your page to the monitoring list of InstaForex gets you results that are better than your imagination.



  1. FOREXCOPY SYSTEM / ForexCopy Followers:

InstaForex is giving a warm welcome to all the newcomer investors, with ForexCopy system, who wants to start their journey of trading with it. It allows them to become traders themselves by copying trades of other proficient and positive traders. Following are the ways in which this system provides you with a fortified and assured investment approach:

  • This system has a secured loss rate and this is how you can get profit out of it according to the efforts you put in.
  • This system never puts you in trouble with charge-back request in case of any misfortune and loss in trading. You never have to make any as your balance remains in your account.
  • There is no specific number for starting your trading career with this system.
  • A secured subscription is pledged.
  • Trade’s volume range and Lot Diapason option keeps the follower at the shore.
  • Out of various and multipurpose options the follower can choose ones with which he can work most expediently, efficiently and effectively.
  • The regulations related to commission playability to the traders are very favorable and profitable for both followers and traders.


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