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Ingvar Kamprad-Personality of the week

BWQ7Ingvar kamprad was born in 1926 near the small village of Agunnaryd in the South of Sweden. Right from his early age he started learning to buy matches in large quantity from the Stockholm and sell them into the markets at good rates.He then started getting profit from this work and invested the money into purchasing fish, seeds, pen, pencils and Christmas trees decorations  etc. He got a reward from his father for getting good response from teachers about him at the age of 17.

 The creation of IKEA

He started a furniture retailing company named IKEA in 1943. He kept the cost of his furniture down because of the local manufactures. He got very successful in the line of furniture in the year 1951 and decided to discontinue with other products and focus only on the furniture side which he found more profitable. He opened the first showroom of IKEA furniture in 1953. The competitors were very strong and there was a price war between these competitors.

He give the chance to the customers to come and visit the showroom see the furniture, feel it, make sure about the quality of furniture before buying it.

Today IKEA is known as one of the best showroom for furniture worldwide and it is just because of its best quality, innovation and stylish and unique designs. All the products of IKEA are designed for the flat packaging, minimum transport damages, lowest shipping cost, the store inventory capacity also increases, and also make it easy and comfortable for the customers to take the furniture home without any difficulty.

Ingvar Kamprad really worked hard to bring IKEA to this level of success and today IKEA is in this position just because of his efforts. He always prefer to make such item of good quality so the customer will surely come back later on. He always prefer to charge the price which is reasonable and not very expensive for the customer. This is also one of the reason for his success that he always care about the prices along with the product quality and that is why people prefer it more.

Ingvar Kamprad in 2004 he crossed Bill gates in the race of world’ wealthiest person. IKEA is still known as the one of the world’s wealthiest company in the whole world. It has 200 stores in 31 countries. The employee of this company are around 75000. The IKEA’s annually sale is over $12 billion. He is also known as the one of the world’s richest men with worth of 4.2 billion dollars and still his company is having the brand of best quality and most stylish furniture in the world.

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