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How to fund your E Trade Account?

EtradeOnce you make an account on the E Trade the first and foremost step before starting trade on the website is to fund your account. E Trade offers a range of convenient ways to deposit funds and assets into your bank or brokerage account. Following are the most popular ways of funding your account.


Wire Transfer

Wire Transfer is one of the most popular methods of transferring the money in your trading account. To transfer your money through this method, you have to fill wire transfer form by providing all the relevant details required in that form. All the fine points about the company information are given in the company website. After filling up of the form, you have to contact your financial institution to transfer the money to your E* Trade account.

Account Transfer

It is a very handy and practical method to transfer your cash or securities money from another financial institution to your trading account. Investors can use transfer an account option provided by the website to transfer your amount to the account. All you need is the name of the institution, account number and registration number of the account. It is worth mentioning here, that account transfer option is only available for the funding brokerage accounts.

Mail a Check

Mail a check is another very popular means of transferring your money into the account. You can transfer  your money into your account through different types of  checks. You have to arrange the cross check by the name of the E*TRADE Clearing LLC. Write your eight-digit account number on the memo line. After that you have to attach the deposit slip of the bank with the cheque and mail to the given address of the company.

Free Quick Transfer

Another very popular and most frequently used method for depositing funds in your account is to transfer money from another account opened somewhere else in a bank. Quick Transfer is a very useful and free online service that helps you transfer your money from your personal bank accounts to your trading Accounts. The company provides full protection to the transfer made through this payment mode. It is very easy and 100% safe method as guaranteed by E*Trade. This method can be used by following these given steps:

  • All you are required is to select “Transfer In” on your E-Trade account panel to automatically transfer funds from your bank account. The first time you opt for this option, you will be asked to put up your bank account information including routing number, account number and bank address.
  • Enter the sum of money you are going to transfer into your account and the demanded date of the transaction, then click on the “Transfer”. The next step is to validate your request for an electronic fund transaction.
  • Make sure the funds have been deposited to your E-Trade account by scrutinizing your account online that the funds are accessible for trade or investment. Electronic transfers usually take up-to three working days.

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