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How to deposit money at etoro?

etoro-logoWhen using an online E trading network the most irritating moment is depositing money on your online trading account. Most of the business social networks have long and confusing methods of connecting your financial accounts to your social trading accounts. This is really a turn off for the users which make them inactive and even deactivate their accounts at some moments.

eToro is a social investment network where the participants, public and observers have the ability to observe and copy the best trading activities. This E trading network is a highly populated one, where thousands of dollars are deposited daily. In this situation, eToro worked hard on making this process easier for the users. It researched on the best ways to deposit and withdraw money online and then added them as options with an easy connecting process to eToro’s financial account.

The investments here can be made through instruments like commodities (not the barter system), stocks, currencies and Bitcoin (online money). More than 3 million accounts have been reported to be signed up which are using this service since the year 2013.

For depositing money on this website first you must sign up and get an account there:

1.  Get registered on the official website.

2. After the completing your registration, log in to continue.

3. At the lower left side of the account there is an option which says “Account Balance”, click it.

4. Now, select the option “Deposit”.

5. Select the method you prefer for depositing funds in your account.

Yes, the depositing of your funds is a secured process with the promise of having complete privacy for all accounts at eToro. Also you need to know that there are a few selected methods through which the depositing can be done in to your trading account.

Adding a depositing method to your account takes just a few minutes. Following are the most common options for you to select from:

  1. The easiest option is “Credit cards” but for using this option the account holder has to at least deposit $50 and he or she cannot add more than $5000 at a time. You can permanently add this method to your account after filling a short and easy form.
  2. Also there is an option of the most used wire transfer where the account holder can deposit funds of minimum $500 with no limit for the maximum deposits. For adding this method you will need your bank’s Swift code.
  3. PayPal is also one of the most used methods of depositing funds at the website with the minimum limitation of $50 and the maximum limitation of $5000. Having a PayPal verified account can help you with your  account too.

Other methods include WebMoney, Neteller and Skrill to name a few with no limitation on the location of the account holders.  eToro is dealing with more and more online banking services to increase the methods for the depositing of money and for an easy dealing with other financial issues. Just choose the most suitable method and start depositing today.

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