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How to Create an account and profile in Freelancer.com?


There are different writers who have best writing skills. On the other hand different companies and client are searching for such professional writers who have the ability to provide best content which is 100% original and unique. There are different ways to get work on freelance basis and can also hire writers for providing the best writing services.

There are different websites providing the services to the writers and clients to find the work and writers. Freelancer is one of those service providers where thousands of people are getting work and also the best writers. This is one of the best place where you will get plenty of work and also such professional writers whose quality is awesome. This is the best platform for freelance jobs and hiring a freelance writer. Daily thousands of people get registered for work or for projects and earn a handsome amount. This is no doubt a best place for everyone to come and start earning right now. No registration fee is required.

How to create an Account?

You go to the Sign Up option right on the top of the page. After clicking on the icon a window will open with few fields where you need to fill up your information just fill the blank fields which require the information including:

Email Address

You have to give the email address which is valid you in your use as well. You will receive the conformation email and other notifications in this mailing address.


Give the username which you want to show your clients and viewers. It is also your identity and people will search for you through this username. You can also use it when logging in to your account


By giving the password you will always log in through this password and no one will be able to use your account

Hire/ Work

This option is for those who are looking for work or having the projects which has to be done by the writers. You have to select the right option.

How to Create a Profile after getting an Account?

After creating an account you will receive a conformation email address by giving you a link in your inbox by clicking on that link you will get your account activated. After that you will see an option to make a profile for the viewers and clients. If you are an employer than you will make your company profile.

You will add your personal information or your company’s information in your profile that includes your work experience, skills you have, the overview and your expertise  and if you have a company than you will provide all your company’s information.

The details of projects which you have done will be a plus point for your clients will approach you for work. This will make the client take decision by viewing your completed projects. If it is a Company’s profile than the projects that are completed by the writers will be mentioned so it will be a good point for them as well.

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