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How premium market data provided by MetaStock helps in stock market technical analysis?

Stock market technical analysis

The stock market technical analysis is the process of scrutinizing and assessing the index statistics and fluctuations that arise or may come up in the future due to the varying stock market activities. The purpose of technical analysis is not to measure the values of assets but to use graphical illustrations in the form of charts and other accompanying tools to evaluate the possible future outcomes of the stock market activities.

Role of technical analysis

It is wrong to believe that the data provided by MetaStock can predict the stock market technical analysis 100% accurately. It will just use all relevant information and data to make the nearest possible predictions relevant to the finance fluctuations and upward or downward price movements. This specific kind of analysis can be used to evaluate

  • Stock market prices
  • Indices and commodities
  • Asset value
  • Price fluctuations

The price fluctuations will include determining how the variations in the prices are affecting the market demand and supply ratio. The time frame for analyzing cost fluctuations will be 60 seconds, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 120 minutes and then days and weeks.


Metastock is online software which is actively being used by traders to analyze and evaluate the trading stock market. Metastock uses stock market technical analysis to facilitate the stock traders in a completion of their work. The most prominent feature of MetaStock is its professional power tools. It uses a systematic and extensive approach to assessing the trade fluctuations of the stock market and Forex index.

Metastock software premium data solutions for stock traders and investors

The premium market data provided by MetaStock offers data solutions for stock market technical analysis. You can avail the data solutions it offers regardless of the nature of your work. This means it is best data solution option for novice investors as well as professional, experienced traders. There are several packages which are being offered by MetaStock for traders, which allow them to choose the best-suited data package for themselves.

The data packages being offered include MetaStockXenith, MetaStock real time, MetaStock daily charts and data links. All these packages vary in pricing but are the complete and perfect long term solution for Forex index fluctuations, indices, and commodities.

Metastock offers two basic data packages to best suit your needs. It depends upon your mode of trading and investment which premium data package is best suited to for your technical analysis.

Data link

The data link software is charting software which is offered by metastock for analysis of its premium data.  It offers a comprehensive mode of premium data analysis for all regions of the stock market. It includes services relevant to the Forex which is the international foreign exchange as well as assumptions for future assets of the stock markets and commodities fluctuations.

Metastock Xenith

Metastock has introduced its latest technical analysis tool named the Metastock Xenith. The metastock Xenith is capable of making elaborate and intuitive predictions regarding the flow of stock in the stock market and essential commodities as well. This analysis tool operates by collecting all necessary information and upgraded data of the stock market. It is available for long-term use on paid subscription basis. It includes service in relevance of Forex, commodities, assets and derivatives.



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