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How Metastock Xenith Add-ons help in Stock market technical analysis

MetaStock Xenith Add-Ons

The Metastock Xenith add-ons are the one-stop global platform for metastock users that enables them to view and scrutinize all data on a single platform. Metastock Xenith is the latest and updated data package offered by Metastock. As a complementary purchase to Metastock Xenith, it offers countless benefits for the traders and investors who are seeking help in stock market technical analysis.
The basic purpose of the Metastock Xenith add-ons is to combine and allow traders and investors to view all objects on the same platform. This helps in a stock market technical analysis. It provides a completely comprehensive overview of the data variations from all global sources.This means it is one of the most important tool for investors.
Extension of the Metastock Xenith Data package
MetaStock Xenith Add-ons are extensions of the Metastock Xenith data package. The Metastock Xenith is data package offered by metastock software which is very effective for stock market technical analysis. Metastock Xenith is offering data analysis and entry insights all on one platform for the ease of the traders and analysts.
Key Features of Metastock Xenith Add-ons
The key features of the Metastock Xenith add-ons include the following.
Combination of data
It combines all available data from the various destinations from all around the globe in one single place.
Additionally, it offers the option to customize and select the locations that you want to gather data from.
In-depth Knowledge
Metastock Xenith offers an in-depth insight into the cost and possible price variations of each asset. This covers all prices in the closed, halted and auction zones.
Currency Conversion
One clicks display for all international currency conversions for any country that you have selected.
Market Trends
It helps the users to keep up with the changing pace of the changing market trends.
Online Calculator
The Metastock Xenith add-ons are offering an online calculator that helps to calculate all charges, including the hidden costs for the purchase and sale of assets in the stock market.
Tracking Investors and Traders
It provides a chance to track down all investors and trackers individually through the market. This is regardless of the geographical location of the marketers. It provides complete data of the marketers and their respective venues.
The Market Profile
The market profile is offering a timed and charted distribution analysis of the stock market behavior. It was introduced by trade analyst Peter Steidlmeyer. The market profile allows the graphical representation of the display of data in a form of upward and downward curves. If the curves are thicker, it indicates towards the middle prices and alternating direction represents the high and low prices. The key components of the Market profile are the
Market prices
Time Intervals
Key Features of Market Profile
The main key feature of the market profile includes
Helps in the identification of the market patterns
Offers flexible time intervals
Through graphic demonstrations, shows which areas of the stock market are most beneficial to be invested in.
It is exclusive for use by the Metastock Xenith users

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