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Etrade Vs Etoro


Taking a glimpse of these two trading websites shows that both of them almost run shoulder to shoulder in popularity and reliability. Many features are alike while some differ from each other as well. This article will shed light upon the comparisons and contrasts between these two brokerage websites.



  1. Trading platform

Trading platform of E*trade

E trade gives its users access to many amazing features such as stock trading, option orders, ETFs, bond investment opportunities and a choice of over 1000 no-load mutual funds. Users are also facilitated with its banking services and retirement accounts. It is very easy to use and gives its users a quality experience with features such as clean navigation , real time-streaming quotes , a site wide quick access footer bar  , E*TRADE 360 and the broker’s fully customizable drag-and-drop homepage. There are two important platforms as well which are E-TRADE MARKET TRADER (web based) and E-TRADE PRO (desktop based). Moreover E-Trade is the first broker to employ mobile technology to its maximum potential. It features a very simple-to-use and dependable smart phone application.


Trading Platform of E Toro.

E Toro is one of the few forex broker sites who have adapted well to the changing times and need , consequently E Toro is very easy to use and is accessible at all times. It also features three very effective platforms. These platforms are its web trader,  Open book and  Mobile based Trading platform. With the web trader, traders can trade from anywhere across the globe. The only condition is the availability of internet. They can also interact with other traders if they want to. E Toro Open book is a feature which E Trade lacks currently. This platform has a pseudo social media approach. This social interaction helps the traders to learn quickly. Like E Trade E Toro also features a mobile app which can make trading possible on any android powered smart phone or iPhone.


  1. Commissions

Commissions of Etrade

Although E Trade’s prices are a tad higher, yet it amply compensates for its rates by its exceptional services.Regular stock trades are $9.99 with options trades costing $9.99, plus $.75 per contract. Nearly all trades are flat-rate commissions. Furthermore a very popular feature of E Trade is their commissions free ETFs.


Commission of E Toro

Like many forex brokers, E Toro doesn’t charge any commission on the trades which are done by them. Rather they charge a small spread of 2 pips onwards. Trades which are left open overnight are not charged with any roll over fee but a small fee is charged which are left open during the weekend.

  1. Customer Service

Customer Service of Etrade

Their customer service surely stands out from that of its competitors. You can contact by e-mail, mail or telephone. FAQ s is also there to guide the user. It has a hotline that runs 24/7. It also features chat support.

Customer Service of E Toro.

Its customer service is provided on weekdays 24/7, however unlike E Trade, it is not available on weekends. It features customer service through live chat, e-mail or telephone. Any questions about online trading are found in the Etoropedia section.


Thus, both the brokerage options have their pros and cons. You can choose any one that would suit your needs and whims perfectly and have an exceptional trading experience.



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