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Etoro Trader’s insight tool

etoro-logoEtoro is one of the most popular social trading websites in the world.It offers easy to use online trading platforms which makes easier for the newbie and experienced investors to invest in their favorite commodities,securities and other investing options.Investors prefer Etoro over other online trading platforms due to its easy interface and extremely handy investment tools.


Etoro provides different types of social trading tools which help traders to reap benefits from their investments in most effective manner .Trader’s insights is one of the most innovative and creative tools offered by the website.This tool is more useful for the newbie investors who are not so familiar with online trading interface of the website.It provides accurate statistical information for creating effective investment strategy. This tool can also be used to gauge the current sentiment of the most popular traders on the website.

Traders insights provides very effective and useful information in a very simple manner.It shows a list of all the investment options with their buying and selling percentages.These percentages show that how many people are selling and buying these investment options.It also provides information about the current rates of currencies,commodities and securities.This page provides updated percentages of long and short positions of traders with graphs.We can get detailed information about these investment options by clicking buttons showing these rates.It will open a new page when clicked.This new page contains live rates and also live feeds of the top investors.Live feed gives a brief overview of the current investment trend on the website.

Etoro also provides trader’s insight widget tool for the website/blog owners and investors.Blogs owners just have to paste code on the template of their blog.This widget tool is extremely handy for the bloggers who are running investment based blogs.This widget will help these bloggers to attract and retain targeted investment related visitors.It is also beneficial for the newbie and experienced traders who want to create a long term investing strategies.This widget displays list of top 10 trading currency pairs.These top 10 trading pairs are mostly used by the 100 top traders on the website.This tool helps investors to develop effective trading investment on the Etoro.It also displays the list of the traders who are trading in particular currency pairs.For example : It displays the name of Euro/US dollar currency pair with percentage of the top traders dealing in this currency pair.

Etoro makes the list of these top 100 traders by calculating their weekly profits from their currency trades.We can say that it is a intelligent and useful summary of the traders on the website .It is a very useful tool for the frequent users of the Etoro open book as it saves their precious time by providing them with timely trading information.

Etoro traders insight is a very useful investment tool for the newbie and experienced traders alike.Investors can easily maximize their gains by accurately using the timely and correct information provided by this tool.They can  also easily diversify their  portfolios by using  accurate and useful investing information provided by the trader’s insight tool of the website.



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