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Etoro Social Trading Tools-Market News and Pips calculator

etoro-logoEtoro is one of the most innovative online trading websites in the world.It always makes an effort to develop useful and creative trading tools for its users.These tools help its users to polish their trading capabilities  in most effective ways.These creative tools enable traders to use their investing knowledge to reap benefits from them.These tools also help investors to get complete and useful information from other traders on the website.Market news and pips calculator are two  of these useful tools who help investors to create amazing strategies for their investing portfolios.

Market News Tool

Market news tool provides investing and business related news from all over the world.This tool gathers business news and investing related useful information from different popular website like (www.investing.com). We can say that it builds a very good connection of Etoro users with the outside business world.They don’t need any other tool to get most updated news reports on investing and business.

Market news tool provides most updated technical and fundamental insights to the website users.So we can that it is a very useful tool as it helps investors to make appropriate adjustments to their investing strategy on the basis of updated market news.

Pips calculator

Pips calculator is another very useful tool provided by the Etoro to its users.It is a very important tool for the Forex traders.It helps investors to convert the Pips values into cash.It proves to be handy tool  for the Forex traders as they find it very difficult to convert changes in Pips into cash.By using this tool users can easily get an idea about their loss and profit from their investments.

The worth of each pip depends on the type of   instrument and also on the position size of that instrument.Its saves valuable energy and time of the investors as Pips calculator provides them with focused and relevant information.

In the end we can conclude that investors can easily reap benefits from their investment through using these two tools.As these two tools help them in devising timely and accurate investment strategies for proper management of their investment portfolios.

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