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Top 4 reasons to invest in US Dollar

US dollarUS Dollar and Gold are two of the most attractive investment options for the investors.There is a inverse relationship between the value of the gold and US dollar. The recent increase in the value of the dollar is pushing the gold prices further down.Gold is currently trading at $ 1162 per ounce which is  its lowest trading value in last few years.On the other hand value of the US dollar is showing considerable improvement with every passing month.According to the latest statistics the US dollar index has reached 97.04 points.This shows that currently US dollar is better investment option than the Gold.Following are the most important reasons who make US dollar more attractive investment as compared to the Gold.

1. Strong US economic growth

US economy is growing at a very good rate for the last few years.The economy grew by very healthy rate of 3.7 b% in the last financial year.The healthy government and consumer spending is fueling this economic growth.It is expected that US economy will grow by 2-3 % in next few years.The corporate investment in the economy is also increasing at a rapid pace.The strong US economy is encouraging investors to invest more in the economy.So this means that strewing economy will help the US dollar to appreciate further in the future.

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