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While discussing the currencies The U.S. dollar stands as the most frequently used currency in international trade today. The verity that the U.S. is the world’s major trading country is only fraction of the cause. The value of international trade that is invoiced in dollars is much superior to the whole trade conducted by the U.S. and countries with currencies connected to the greenback. This is chiefly true in Asia, where several countries bill more than 80% of their exports in dollars. The dollar, which has been trending advanced for almost four years now, rose 13% in 2014 and then 5 % more in the year 2015.Whereas on the other hand the digital money Bitcoin ,is one of the hottest stuff to strike the tech world since the innovation of the cellular phone app.

Let’s have a short comparison of both.



The U.S. dollar is the world’s preserved currency and most liquid coinage in the Forex market. Nearly every central bank and institutional investor in the world grasp U.S. dollars, and some foreign nations use it as an executive or unendorsed substitute to their native currencies or as an exchange-rate dowel.



Bitcoins have seen a momentous development in the last five years of its subsistence from 50 Bitcoins in 2009; the movement is more than 13,000,000 today. The graph below shows its progress  in terms of exchange.




At present over half of all dollar notes in flow are held outside the borders of the US. The dollar is the foremost currency in worldwide investment stream, as well as the currency of invoice for commodities and for many contrived merchandise and services.  All countries that trade directly with the US charge both imports and exports in US dollars.


being a newly introduced substitute ,has restricted adequacy, but numerous vendors and traders are using it, assembling it the highest-mounting medium of commerce till present.

Bitcoin trading trend



Bitcoin :

Bitcoin triumphs as a tentative investment. Its volatility offers speculators a opportunity to yield substantially. Bitcoin has a lower inflation and low risk as compared to dollar. . That’s because it is a international currency that does not depend on management policy that can fail and cause hyperinflation or complete collapse of the currency.


Because the U.S. dollar is recognized for serving as the world’s preserved currency, it’s worth varies within a very minute mob.



Bitcoin is the obvious champion here as it is effortlessly backed up, although electronic dollars comes in a close second. Bitcoin exists online and thus making it the most maneuravble and, with the admonition that there is requirement of power and connectivity.


Carrying large sum of cash (dollar) is a problem some and risky task and as well as storing lasrge amount of dollar is more vulnerable to risks than compared to bitcoins.



Us dollar still stand as the most stable as compared to bitcoins,though it have been constantly confronting inflation compared to other currencies and has lost 97 % of its investment supremacy since 1900.The U.S. dollar has never been devalued, and its notes have never been invalidated. For countries all too familiar with bank failures, devaluation and inflation, the steadiness of the U.S. dollar brings with it a definite amount of serenity of mind. commerce is easier to carry out when a stable currency is used

Dollar value trend








Bitcoin is not an official currency documented by any state government. Currencies by description have to be usually conventional and in use. Bitcoin has a dual disadvantage when it comes to solidity because it has no central controller like the Fed and it has no effective futures markets.Bitcoin has fluctuated from almost zero when initiated up to $1,200 and now around $630.

Correlating Bitcoin value to the dollar’s is like analogizing a written letter to an electronic mail.Bitcoin is correlated to the dollar’s because they’re both seen as currencies, but Bitcoin value is much more than that. Coinage is just Bitcoin’s primary “app”. You can propel 1000 bits of data contained by a Bitcoin. You can send millionths of a Bitcoin to anyone as fee. They may both broadcast data or price, but that’s where the correlation should cease. Today, simply out of anxiety, Bitcoin worth is compared to the World’s Reserve Currency, the most liquid, most dispersed, and most reputable currency of all time, the U.S. Dollar. The division of Bitcoin is fully decentralized and is not bound by any ancient regions. No digital currency will soon dislocate the dollar, but bitcoin is much more than a currency. It is, quite simply, one of the most powerful innovations in finance in 500 years.

Bitcoin price in usd from begin 2013 to june 20146

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