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How dollar affects commodity prices?

Exchange RateThe burly dollar is certainly a double-edged blade. Its fall makes U.S. goods and services more expensive for the consumers.On the other hand the strong dollar makes the goods cheaper for the consumers,as their purchasing power increases with the strong dollar.The US currency made gains next to the euro, yen, pound, South Korean won, Brazilian dollar and 11 other global currencies last year, blotting the first time since the stature of the dot-com boom in 2000 that all major currencies as ranked by Bloomberg have fallen against the dollar.We will have detailed analysis of affect of rise and fall of dollar on the overall prices of the commodities.

Reason behind the low commodities price as dollar ascends

There are numerals of aspects that force these actions. First of all, the majority product cost is in fact charged in US dollars. When the US dollar gets higher as compare to other currencies, product cost will in the beginning go up in stipulations of other manufacturing states merchandise, particularly if the US market share is outsized for that service.

Even though the demand for oil and precious metals may stay consistent, traders may start to turn to more traditional assets with the view that they will rise. So, many of those traders who sought safety in commodities, don’t feel a major need to do that anymore. When the value of the dollar rises, it will take fewer dollars to buy commodities – the opposite effect happens when the US dollar falls in value.

A primary reason why this typically occurs is that commodities are traded around the world. Foreign buyers will purchase commodities – oil, precious metals and the like – with dollars. When the value of the dollar rises, they will have less buying power and simple economics tells us that demand typically falls as prices rise.

It is significant to memorandum that the worth of possessions is improbable to inversely oscillate precisely in streak with the price of the US dollar. So if the US dollar go up by 1%, it doesn’t denote that the cost of gold or oil will drop by 1%. The common trend is probable to be an inverse association, meaning that a ascend or descend in the US dollar can also be a kind of a merchandise dual alternative sign.

Dollar depreciation and increase in the commodity prices

Between 2003 and 2008, the worth of the U.S. dollar declined compared to the majority main currencies. The downgrading increased speedily during 2007 and 2008, impacting both conjugal and global savings. Throughout the first five months of 2008, the cost of crude oil was up and about 20%, the product index was up and about 18%, the metals manifestation was around 24% and the groceries cost catalog was around 18%, while the dollar devalued by  6%. Chart1

A dollar with decreased strength purchases less in overseas merchandise. This augments the value for imports, causative to inflation.  As the dollar deteriorates, shareholder in the benchmark 10-year Treasury and other bonds advertise their dollar-denominated property. A weaker US currency will also coerce up oil cost, as oil and many other distant bonds are denominated in dollars, and oil-exporting nations require preserving their profit margins.






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