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Difference between Gambling and Stock market



Following are the  differences that set apart a stock trader from a gambler.


The stock market is a trading source and business channel for investments where the money or capital is spent to buy shares with an expectation of a profitable return; while the gambling is playing of any game or contest where the money is spent on risk, on chance, and on luck, in return for an unsure profit.

Legality, Safety and Support:

The stock market offers an authorized prospective together with a social endorsement that saves an investor from the public’s blames which occurs due to losses or negative occurrences within the stock market. On the contrary, there is no law, safety and back-up for the gambler while playing any game or contest.

Disclosure and Compulsion:

The stock market allows the investors to know information about other investors before spending money, thereby saving investors from problems of compulsive investors. In contrast, the gambling involves anonymous people or group that results in the occurrence of compulsive problems.

Knowledge, Efforts and Time Period:

The stock market somehow needs every investor to have self-knowledge, pursue professional advice, put efforts, or spent time to succeed. Conversely, the gambling has no such requirements of knowledge, efforts, and time that result in either quick winning of 1000s, or shocking loss of millions.

Specific Goals and Target Orientation:

The stock market considerably follows and implements a planned strategy to reach its target-oriented specific goals, while the gambling has no plan, no target, and not even a specific resulting outcome.


Hence, the stock market and gambling differ with each other in above terms and in different other perspectives, such as investing is good while gambling is bad; investing is in favor while gambling is against; investing is a continuing process while gambling is a short game play or sequence of unexpected occasions, and so on.




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