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ClickBank or Commission Junction? Which is Better Affiliate Network?


Click bank vs Commission junction:

What makes a business big is nothing but the idea behind it. One can deduce this aforementioned thought from the lives of Self-made rich persons who have been and who are on this face of earth. In order to strengthen your footings in this challenging digital world market you have to consider all the possible methods and exercise all the potential means. This comparison of clickbank and commission junction is to facilitate your affiliate marketing offers. You can earn money online by making informed decision with the help of following comparison between the two:

Commission Junction:

Commission junction which is now known as CJ is the most favorable mode for producers for selling their products online. Being the most prominent and competent mode it is emerging as the biggest affiliate marketing channel among the rest active on the web. Merchandise who exploits this manner gets the best results in an efficient way. The affiliate marketer gets the edge by selling and promoting good quality products. They enjoy good repute and increased revenue for their website.

Following are advantages and disadvantages of CJ that will enable you to comprehend it in a better way:



  • It lets you avail the chance to choose between banners text and product links.
  • Wholesaler’s merchandises are renowned and dependable.
  • When you know that you will be paid directly through CJ and there is no merchant in between it grants you a sense of security when it comes to receiving of payments.
  • Receiving a check through email and getting direct deposit are two modes of transaction that you will be able to exploit.
  • Link can be tracked.
  • In order to hide the tracking code you can either encode your link.


  • For direct deposit payment threshold is $50 for affiliates and for a check that you get through email it is $100. •
  • The customer support service is not so vigilant and responsive.
  • This is not a very reliable mode for the ones who want to earn money online quick and easy as the products are reviewed many times by the merchants. They may decide that your website is not complementing their product and your strategies.


This manner of promotions for your products has proven to be an effective and efficient affiliate network for merchants who aspire to sell their digital products. These products may include software and eBooks.  Many of the websites owners and bloggers who utilize this means to win best outcomes and for this they put up the related link of Cliclbank products on their website or blog and earn money online.


  • Above 10,000 digital products are offered by Clickbank.
  • Only formality before start promoting your products is to make an account.
  • It is easiest to start with and convenient to go along.
  • Earn money online with Clickbank and secure 50%-75% commission. So, if you are in search of high commission rate then it is your platform.
  • You can exploit the luxury of having your own tracking code.
  • As compared to CJ payment threshold is much lower. Both payments options; direct deposit and check via email are at your expense. You can choose the method you are most comfortable with.


  • The refund rates are very high.
  • Your sale can be stolen as others can make your link theirs. So, certain security and privacy issues are there.
  • Clickbank demands a lot more consideration and attention from you when it comes to the choice of products you want to promote. Some of the products are high quality and reliable while some may drag your reputation with your customers down. So, you have to be attentive and selective.


Set things right, get things right:

Clickbank is renowned all over the net due to the variety and simplicity it has to offer for product promotions. Commission junction is also reliable but only for tangible products of larger brands should go for it to earn money as it is not suitable for digital products. So, after laying a comprehensive framework of both I have come to decision that little of the two can create magic for the ones who want to earn money online in a cost effective, proficient and operative manner.

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