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How Can We Use Instaforex WebTrader in Online Forex Trading?

A lot of people interested in foreign exchange are turning to online forex trading ,because it offers numerous benefits to those who want to kick start a career in forex trading. The widespread use of the internet for online forex trading has really boosted the number of forex traders worldwide and helped foreign exchange gain a foothold in new areas.

The great thing about online forex trading is that information moves faster so forex traders are even more aware than before. It facilitates research aiding in making better decisions about currencies and various markets. There are some great online forex trading tools available now that improve the entire experience.

WebTrader by Instaforex involves more than just traditional forex trading, which is why it is such a handy tool for online forex traders. You may open up WebTrader in your browser and conveniently view all the essential information at hand for smooth online forex trading. It is an online forex trading platform that takes care of all the regular activities you normally perform while managing your Instaforex account. It is compatible with a number of popular devices so you can just start online forex trading right where you left it on another personal device.

  • The first step is logging into your Instaforex account and learning how WebTrader works through the Help section. Then spend a bit of time browsing around to get a feel for the basic processes.
  • When you hit the “Start Trading” button, you will be taken to the main screen where you may navigate to Dashboard or view the basic information of your Instaforex account such as leverage, account type and number.
  • The user friendly interface and clutter free layout allow you to clearly see your Balance, Equity, Free margin, etc. in plain sight so you may keep an eye on them while you plan your next move. The procedure to make a trade is very simple and not at all different from traditional forex trading so anyone can do it.
  • You have direct access to online forex trading features through Instaforex WebTrader. The currencies you deal in are displayed in a list with current rates so you easily compare them and decide which ones to invest in or which ones to avoid. The currency trends (up/down) are denoted by colored arrows to help you see the big picture in foreign exchange. You can easily understand the buy/sell positions of foreign currencies you are interested in by detailed trend charts just a click away.
  • You also have quick access to online forex trading tools right under this information so any changes can be noticed quickly. You get to have your Open trades, Closed trades, Account history and Journal all together at your fingertips.
  • In addition, the top right corner of the browser offers latest analytical data and Instaforex news. You may see the reports without having to move to another page where you won’t be able to see your online forex trading account.


All in all, Instaforex WebTrader makes forex trading very simple for beginners and experts alike. You can sit in the comfort of your home or do it on the go.

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