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Amazon Affliate Program undergoes changes (June 2014)

amazonAmazon associate/affiliate program has gained rampant popularity, with thousands of associates carrying out affiliate marketing for Amazon across the globe. Hundreds of affiliates are increasing their income owing to the commissions earned via Amazon Affiliate Marketing program. However recent changes have been made to this Operating Agreement. These changes will be effective from 1st July 2014 respectively. From this date onwards, conforming and complying to these amendments will be mandatory, otherwise a notice ought to be sent to Amazon. This notice will automatically be analogous to the termination of your participation in the Associate Program. Otherwise it will be understood that you agree to these changes which have been made and will be in effect from 1st July onwards. Before proceeding to these changes it would be wise if we comprehend the basic requirements of participation in the Associate Program.



  • Amazon provides you with an opportunity to get up and join quickly if you are a large network or a content site or a blogger. You just need one approval to join and do not have to rely upon any third party advertiser approvals. It enables you to earn up to $10 as commissions when you bring a purchaser to Amazon to buy something; whatever he buys you get a commission. Moreover Amazon also supplies you simple linking tools to aid you in advertising.




The Operating Agreement requires you to comply with the following set of requirements.

  1. Primarily you have to ensure that your site is suitable.
  2. Next, you have to make sure that you do not display Amazon or any affiliate trademark’s logos unless you have been allowed to do so under the Operating Agreement.
  3. Any third-party logo should not be employed without their approval.
  4. Content solely in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Operating Agreement should be used.
  5. Engaging in any advertising activities on the behalf of Amazon is prohibited, unless you are allowed to do so by the Operating Agreement.
  6. You are not supposed to alter the content in any way that it becomes factually in accurate; all you can do is elaborate it.
  7. Any content that is now not displayed on the Amazon site should also be promptly removed from your website.
  8. Content should not be exhibited in such a manner that it implies a company’s or a person’s endorsement.
  9. Indulging in making orders on someone else’s behalf on any Amazon site is strictly prohibited.
  10. You are not supposed to frame Amazon within your site; only the special link that complies with the terms of the Operating Agreement is to be displayed.

To further understand and comprehend these requirements in detail, you can check out the following link.





A concise version of these changes which will be effective from 1st July onwards is given below.


  • In your application, each Amazon site that you seek to advertise on your site should be clearly identified.
  • The information in your program application such as account, email address etc. should be complete and accurate. By participating in the program, you automatically agree to all the terms of the Operating Agreement.
  • Making a public statement about participation in the program is strictly prohibited. Moreover misrepresentation or embellishment of the existing associate relationship is not allowed.
  • Changes have also been made in the fixed advertising fee rates in Amazon UK site, Amazon FR site, Amazon DE site, Amazon IT site and Amazon ES site. To see these changes in detail, check out the following link.




Therefore it is strongly advised to all the Amazon associates to minutely process and comprehend these changes made in the Operating Agreement, so that any misunderstanding, later resulting in chaos might not ensue.

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